Congrats, cuz!

My cousin got married yesterday! I’m so happy for him and his new wife. It sounds so weird to say “married” and “wife” when talking about my cousin, considering I’m the oldest cousin and can’t even fathom getting married yet! But I know everyone is different and I wish them the best. My brother and I were the only cousins not in attendance, because he had a football game and I was, well, a bit far away to travel to Vermont for the weekend.

When are they going to invent teleportation?

My sister and her boyfriend and my cousin’s wife are the only people with brown hair in the above picture. I’m not sure how, but everyone else turned out blond, despite it being the recessive gene. And all my cousins have at least one parent with brown hair, well, except for my aunt who has red hair. Until I was three I had blond hair:

I was cute, right?

Anyway, I have a week of semi-vacation so I’m looking forward to relaxing, getting some stuff done around the apartment and having fun with friends. Look for some posts on the Chilean Fiestas Patrias this week!