Happy (Late) Halloween!

I know, I’m behind.

I was amazed that I even remembered to wear my Halloween socks yesterday.

I did remember to go buy candy, though, and good thing. We got a total of TWO trick-or-treaters! If anyone wants some candy, you can come on over because my roommate also bought candy and I don’t want to increase my risk of diabetes.

Anyway, it’s my first Halloween since 2008 (when I was Ugly Betty, best costume ever!), so I took these pictures and thought they were festive and cute and that I should share them with you.

Charlie says Happy Halloween! He goes perfectly with the Halloween decor 🙂

Our pumpkin display. My roommate carved the cool pumpkin, the one that looks like the Pringles man. Mine just looks angry.

I was Katniss for Halloween. I’m trying to look serious here but my cousin’s son was making fun of my bow and arrow skills.

I hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween!