One Second Video: September

Since I haven’t blogged since August, I thought I would get you all caught up on my life via One Second Everyday, an app that allows you to create a movie using one-second snippets of video. Throughout the fall, I was fairly faithful about taking video every day. I like the app, although I wish it were Two Seconds Everyday because I think one second is a little too short.

Here is the month of September.

As you can maybe kind of see…

  • From the clip of me playing with a little koala, I interned at a local community college in their office of international student services. I actually started there last January, and just got done about a week ago. It was a great experience, and I learned SO MUCH. The best part of grad school for me has been the stuff I’ve done outside the classroom, which in some ways makes me question why society puts so much emphasis on getting a higher degree…ahem. But anyway, that is another topic entirely.
  • From the clip of me in the car barely able to talk, I went to the dentist after almost three years of not going, and it was terrible. No cavities, but I had to get a deep cleaning that required Novocaine. Luckily my dentist is awesome and provides free laughing gas for any procedure. However, I was really sore after and had to swish this nasty mouthwash for like three weeks. Needless to say, I have drastically improved my dental hygiene since then. Let this be a warning to all of you who avoid the dentist!
  • From the clips of me walking, running, playing basketball and about to make a smoothie, I really tried to work on my physical fitness and well-being. I think I did a pretty good job up until the end of October or so, when I just got so busy things kind of fell apart. BUT the good news is that since the semester is now over, I’ve started up a new routine.
  • From all the clips of Ben, you can see that I have a hilarious and good-looking boyfriend. 🙂
  • I also: attended Rachael’s birthday (complete with special guest a mini-horse!), spent a lot of time with Charlie and my roommate’s cats, did homework (more times than I cared to film), played with Ben’s dog Nelly, got stuck in traffic (more times than I cared to film), and walked around campus (more times than I cared to film).

I like this way of documenting my life. I need to get back into the swing of taking more video every day. As you’ll see come November I became much more lax as I got busier and busier. Along with my exercise routine, I’ll try to take more videos now that things have calmed down a bit.

Does anyone else do One Second Video? I’d love to see them if you’re willing to share!

Stay tuned for October and November, coming soon!


Some of my favorite things: Summer 2013

Being a grad student has helped me hone a very important life skill: procrastination. I have found so many ways to NOT do what I’m supposed to be doing that it’s kind of sad. YouTube has definitely been one of my go-to ways of distracting myself from the book I have to read or response paper I have to write. A lot of YouTubers do monthly videos about their favorite things for that month. I don’t think I enjoy enough new things per month to do this every month, but perhaps I could do it every season. So here are some random things that I have been enjoying this summer.

Fresh. Ben and I used to be pretty obsessed with Frozen Yogurt until we discovered this ice cream place off of Glenwood Ave. in Raleigh. The ice cream is SO. GOOD. It’s rich but not too rich and the flavors are great. So far I’ve tried Chocolate Brownie Batter (my favorite), Lemon Chiffon, Georgia Peach and White Mint Chip. Ben always gets Peanut Butter Cup. The ice cream is made from milk from local cows and is very, well, fresh. Yum.

Scottish Oatmeal. While living in Santiago, I ate oatmeal virtually every morning for breakfast. Then upon my return to the U.S., I was in awe of the cereal selection, so went a little crazy eating all of my old cereal favorites. However, in an attempt to be slightly healthier, I’ve switched back to oatmeal. The other day I was perusing the Bob’s Red Mill section of the grocery store and found Scottish Oatmeal, which are oats that aren’t rolled. The consistency is more like cream of wheat, except less runny and more hearty. I eat mine with a fresh peach diced on top and a little bit of brown sugar and almond milk.

Non-Fiction. During the school year I could barely read for pleasure due to the overwhelming number of books and articles I had to read for class. This summer I thought I would delve into some novels (which I have) but I’ve actually enjoyed a couple of non-fiction books, which is weird for me. Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell and Born for Love: Why Empathy is Essential and Endangered by Maia Szalavitz and Bruce D. Perry were both really good. I’m going to start The Tipping Point, also by Malcolm Gladwell, really soon, and The Omnivore’s Dilemma is also on my list. Too bad school starts in just a week and a half 😦

Orange is the New Black. If you have Netflix, I HIGHLY recommend this series. It’s a Netflix original series, and so I was a bit skeptical, but it’s brilliant. It’s by the same creator as Weeds, which was another show I loved. The premise is that the main character, Piper, has to spend 15 months in a women’s prison for her minimal involvement in an international drug cartel when she was in her early twenties. It’s not a drama–like Weeds, it’s kind of a dark comedy. I’ve watched some insane amount of episodes (like 7?) in the past three days.

Helio Sequence and Family of the Year. I really have Ben to credit for introducing me to new bands. I’m terrible and mostly listen to NPR in the car so I’m never introduced to new music (except for when the Diane Rehm show comes on and her voice puts me to sleep so I switch to the pop station and then get Selena Gomez’s latest song stuck in my head for days on end). Two that I’ve listened to all summer are Helio Sequence and Family of the Year.