Christmas in Vermont

Last year I spent Christmas in Chile. It was hard to be away from my family and to have it be 90 degrees out. So this year, I was so happy to be able to spend it with my family, in cold and snowy Vermont.

But first, we decorated our Christmas tree at my parents’ house in Connecticut.

December 2012

These are some of my favorite homemade Christmas ornaments. I was so crafty as a kid! Maybe my New Years resolution should be to become crafty again.


I also decorated Ruby. She’s a good sport.


Then I went to Vermont and we celebrated Christmas morning with a delicious breakfast, stockings and presents. Last year, my mom sent me a Christmas package to Chile which included the stocking that I have had since I was a baby. The package never arrived, which meant I had no stocking! But my mom, clever lady that she is, figured out that the company that made my stocking still existed and she ordered an exact replica for me!


Then we went to my grandmothers where I proceeded to eat my weight in Christmas cookies and lose at both cribbage (not surprising) and Scrabble (kind of surprising).


On the Saturday after Christmas, we celebrated with my Dad’s side of the family. I held my cousin’s new baby (and didn’t break her!) and lead my team to victory in games involving identifying Christmas carols. If there is one thing I know all about, it’s Christmas carols. No one else stood a chance.


My New Year’s Resolution (for real) is to blog more, and since I do better with concrete and realistic goals, “better” means at least once a week. So you all can look forward to hearing a bit more from me in 2013.

I hope you all had a great Holiday Season and Happy 2013!


So close! So close!

Ladies and gentlemen…I am almost done with my first semester of grad school!

I have to say, apart from the INSANE amount of reading (I mean CRAZY amounts that no human could ever actually read in one week), grad school hasn’t been THAT much more work than undergrad. Granted, I went to a pretty demanding undergraduate institution (hello, Colby College, nice to see you), but yeah. Also, I’m not doing a research/thesis/dissertation type Masters, so it will definitely vary depending on your program/area of study/etc.

Did this blog post just turn into a career-center like advice column? Oops.

Anyway, since I’m so so close, I decided to share with you all what is between me and lovely New England. Turns out there are eight things.

1) Read over my 30 page research paper one last time. It’s done, just sitting there in my dropbox folder, asking to be read. Part of me wants to just submit it as is, but the perfectionist in me always wins in these situations.

2) Study my little butt off for my Economic Development exam, which is on Friday, and meet with my study group two more times.

3) Type up my Public Administration paper. Yes, type up. I just wrote the whole thing by hand LIKE A FIFTH GRADER because my computer kept randomly shutting down on me. Take that, computer, I’ll trade you in for a notebook and pen.

4) Pray to the gods of technology that my computer doesn’t die before Friday.

5) Go to a job interview on Thursday. For a summer job. Exciting!

6) Take said Econ exam. Friday, 1pm. The time of reckoning. (I’m really just being dramatic, I have a 94.5 average and I don’t think things could go THAT wrong, but let’s not jinx it by not studying, mmkay?)

7) Pack my bags!

8) Give Charlie lots of hugs and kisses because I won’t see him for about a month 😦 Poor baby. But he’s staying with my roommate, who is his second favorite person on earth, so he shouldn’t be too lonely.

What’s between you and winter or summer break?