Charlie the Chilean

Now that I have a car, I feel like I can get a lot of errands done that I should have done a long time ago, but not having a car made me lazy (or at least that’s my excuse).

One of them was taking Charlie to the vet. He’s always been a really healthy cat so it wasn’t something I really worried about, until I realized that his Rabies shot was four months overdue! I mean, he never goes outside, but my roommate’s cats sometimes do, and what if they got infected and then spread it to him?! These are the things that keep me up at night (joking, kind of).

You mean I have to go to the vet?!

You mean I have to go to the vet?!

So I asked Ben for a recommendation and made an appointment with the same vet that sees Nelly, his dog.

It was nice to just be able to get into my car and drive there. In Chile it always required either taking the metro or a taxi or riding the bus without paying. 😛

Since I’d never taken him to the vet in the U.S. before, I had to bring in all of his Chilean vet records. The vet tech and the vet were both really interested and curious to see foreign vet records, but in a very positive way, which was nice. The vet immediately started calling him “Charlie the Chilean” and asking me about animal care in Chile. As she took him in the back to give him his shots, I could hear her introducing him to other people.

As I suspected, Charlie is a super healthy and (mostly) happy kitty.

So happy sun bathing.

So happy sun bathing.


Happy (Late) Halloween!

I know, I’m behind.

I was amazed that I even remembered to wear my Halloween socks yesterday.

I did remember to go buy candy, though, and good thing. We got a total of TWO trick-or-treaters! If anyone wants some candy, you can come on over because my roommate also bought candy and I don’t want to increase my risk of diabetes.

Anyway, it’s my first Halloween since 2008 (when I was Ugly Betty, best costume ever!), so I took these pictures and thought they were festive and cute and that I should share them with you.

Charlie says Happy Halloween! He goes perfectly with the Halloween decor 🙂

Our pumpkin display. My roommate carved the cool pumpkin, the one that looks like the Pringles man. Mine just looks angry.

I was Katniss for Halloween. I’m trying to look serious here but my cousin’s son was making fun of my bow and arrow skills.

I hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween!