I lived in Chile from 2009-2012, where I got the nickname Abbicita because Chileans like giving people nicknames, especially ones that sound cutesy by adding -ita/-ito or -illa/-illo to the end of words. No, you don’t want a cup of tea (té), you want a little cup of tea (tecito), even if the cup of tea is actually quite large.

But I don’t live in Chile anymore. I came back to the southern United States, specifically North Carolina, a region I had only visited on a couple of family vacations, to get a Master’s degree at a university I had never visited in a city I had only ever driven through. It was a fairly terrifying change, much scarier than moving to Chile, but I survived thanks to the support of my family, and an online dating website that shall remain nameless which allowed me to meet the man who is now my fiancé.

So now I’m living in North Carolina, a place that was once so foreign to me, for the foreseeable future. Although the summers are sometimes unbearably hot and humid and I mostly disagree with the politics, I love it. Our dog Nelly and our cat Charlie bring us daily amusement, and we are biding our time until we can move out of the city, grow our own food and have goats and chickens.

Since I have now completed my Master’s degree, my goal is to revive this blog and take more time to to write for me, instead of for a professor.

I used to answer a lot of questions about teaching English in Chile, but I am no longer accepting e-mail inquiries, simply because I feel like I don’t have the most up-to-date information. I stopped teaching there in 2010, and I’m sure the industry has changed. You can access the old FAQ page here.






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