One Second Video: October

Time for October!

You can tell I got busier in October as I took a lot more cat videos.


  • I took sneaky videos of Ben.
  • Helped with a conference at NC State as part of a service learning project for one of my classes.
  • Went to one of Ben’s friends weddings but somehow took the video sideways.
  • It rained a lot.
  • I voted in the local elections
  • We tried to make our own Drake Hands parody.
  • Celebrated Ben’s birthday at Brasa, a Brazilian Steak House.
  • When I got bored of cat videos, I took weird videos of myself.
  • I RAN MY FIRST 5K!!! And I didn’t come in last place! Then, 2 weeks later, I ran another one!
  • Went to see the Porsche by Design exhibit at the NC Museum of Art.
  • Went hiking at Stone Mountain.
  • Celebrated Halloween with the Wrights.
  • Watched the Red Sox win the World Series (kind of, I missed the last game because I had class)
  • Attended my first professional conference where the entertainment were these bluegrass singers who played the washboard.
  • Got a bite guard to wear at night so I don’t grind my teeth (oh, the woes of a stressed out grad student!) that makes me talk funny.
  • Had a lot of leftover candy at Halloween because we only got 15 trick-or-treaters.

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