Writer’s Block and Trying to Blog Again

I’ve opened up WordPress so many times this summer trying to write a blog post. Blogging is something that used to come very easy to me and something I enjoyed doing. Theoretically, I still enjoy it, but it has become a lot harder. I’m not sure why, exactly. It could be because I had to write so much during my first year of grad school that writing anything else, even if it was “for fun” was painful. It could also be laziness. Although by most people’s standards I’m not lazy, sometimes I feel like I’m too lazy and should be DOING more things. But that is probably just me being too hard on myself. That is something that I need to stop doing. It also could be because I’m not in Chile anymore. It’s not that cool/funny/weird/awkward/exciting things don’t happen to me in North Carolina, I just think that I’m not sure WHAT this blog’s purpose is anymore. I’ve always struggled with doing things with ambiguous purpose. I should probably work on that too.

So anyway, this is an attempt at getting over that hurdle and starting to write again. Because I do like it. Maybe along the way I’ll figure out what this blog’s purpose is. Or maybe I won’t, and that’s okay too.

Here’s to tying to blog again, and getting over that darn writer’s block!


4 thoughts on “Writer’s Block and Trying to Blog Again

  1. Your blog doesn’t have to have a purpose, hun. šŸ™‚ Don’t limit yourself because you’re not in Chile anymore. Just writing about anything that takes your interest or ignites your passion. šŸ™‚

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