I’m back!

So it turns out that the past two months were really busy! Luckily, it wasn’t only grad school-type things (although that did take up a lot of time). But now I’m done with grad school for the summer and I’d rather not recount all of the papers and projects and presentations I had to do over the past semester, but would rather focus on the fun things.

So here, in no particular order, are some of the things I’ve been up to since I last blogged (and perhaps even before then, who’s keeping track?)

I rode in a race car.



Ben is part of a group of people who like driving cars really fast. They take their cars to track events nearby and drive said cars very quickly on a race track. It’s not a race though. Everything is controlled and safe. There are different categories of drivers based on their skill level. The lower level categories have to go out with an instructor. Ben is at a level where he can drive by himself, but he isn’t allowed to take passengers yet. So the first weekend in April was his first track event at Virginia International Raceway, and he invited me to come up for the day. His friend Vincent, who is an instructor, took me out in Ben’s Prelude. That is us in the picture. We got up to around 125mph on the straightaways. It was pretty fun, a little bit scary, and it only made me slightly queasy. I think I could probably be convinced to go along on another ride sometime.

I celebrated my birthday. 

my birthday cake

I had two weekends of celebrations, aren’t I lucky? Ben and I went out the night before my birthday to a new (to us) Mexican restaurant downtown, called El Centro. It was really good food although like always, we got a really weird waiter. Then on Friday night, Sarah, Brian and I went to First Friday. The coolest part was at the Contemporary Art Museum, where the Raleigh Opera sang a few songs. Then, the next weekend, Sarah and Brian and their kids threw me a really great party, complete with a homemade horse cake and piñata.

I went to Jordan Lake.

ben and nelly jordan lake

One Monday Ben took off work and we headed over to Jordan Lake, which is about a half an hour from Raleigh in Apex, NC. It was a beautiful spring day and it was much more fun to relax near the water than write essays.

I saw Spamalot.

For Valentine’s Day, Ben surprised me with tickets to see Spamalot at Raleigh Center for the Performing Arts. I’m a pretty big fan of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, but I had never seen the musical version before. It was hilarious and really well done. Even Ben, who doesn’t like musicals, said it was “pretty good.”

I saw a lot of movies and ate at a lot of restaurants. 

I think I will save movie reviews and restaurant reviews for a separate post. However, one thing Ben and I have in common is our love of food and movies, so we tend to spend a lot of time engaged in those activities. New restaurants are always a little tricky because there is such potential for disappointment if they are not as good as our old favorites, but I think we’ve found some gems in Raleigh. I’ll try to share those, plus some good movies we’ve seen, in a future post, although I never take pictures of my food so it may not be very visually pleasing.

What have you been up to in the past two months?


2 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Happy Belated Birthday, hun! 😀 Sometimes it’s good that life gets in the way of blogging though, right? It means we’re too busy or having too good of a time to think about sitting down to write. 🙂

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