A family weekend in photos

A family weekend in photos, because after writing so much this semester, I…just…can’t…gah! Hopefully soon I’ll be able to write something a little more meaningful.


My family came down to Connecticut the weekend I came home. My brother and brother-in-law held Ruby and Bowser, who are (almost) too big to be held, but they loved it.


We celebrated my Dad’s birthday with Lobster, which I haven’t eaten since 2008. Yum!


We went on a walk and Ruby found some ducks and looked quite photogenic in the process. (No ducks were harmed!)


My mom found a box of keepsakes in the basement that had been packed up in 1994. So we all went through it together. My brother’s baby hat no longer fits…

DSCN4340Most of the box held my school things from kindergarten  My sister is trying to decipher a story I wrote and I’m wearing my pilgrim hat, which still fit.



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