When it’s not Mozart, it’s Vivaldi

I’ve been listening to a lot of classical music lately, because it really does help me focus (when it’s quiet and I resist the urge to do this). I started with Mozart, but then got a bit sick of him. Then I switched over to Beethoven, but his music is too dark to study to for the most part. Then I moved to Vivaldi, who I love. Then I went back to Mozart for a little bit.

Then I got THE SONG stuck in my head. I was singing it to myself all day every day. So, I decided to figure out which song it was. I assumed it was Mozart since I had been listening it to the most. I went through all of his most famous pieces, but couldn’t find it. I sang it to my roommate, she recognized it but couldn’t tell me who it was. I spent probably too much time searching for this darn song.

Then I was at my cousin’s house and put on the classical music station that comes with the cable. As I was working on my paper, all of a sudden the song came on! I went running into the living room, scaring her dog in the process. It was VIVALDI! Not Mozart.

This is the song that took me more than two weeks to figure out:

In case you were wondering, THE SONG is “The Four Seasons: Concerto 1 in E Major” aka “Spring.”




2 thoughts on “When it’s not Mozart, it’s Vivaldi

  1. I had a music class once where the teacher described Brahms as being like molasses, heavy and slow, Bach as being like a malt, not too heavy but filling, and Mozart as being like Sprite, light and bubbly. Maybe Vivaldi falls between Bach and Mozart?

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