Dos Gardenias Para Ti

In my senior year high school Spanish class, we watched the documentary on the Buena Vista Social Club, and ever since then I’ve longed to go to Cuba. (Which is why I’m insanely jealous of Emily. Check out her posts if you want to live vicariously like I have been.)

In my very first college Spanish class we had to listen to this song and write down all of the lyrics, then write an essay on the song’s meaning.

When I came to Chile as a student, my host father, who is a guitarist in a traditional Chilean music group, took out his guitar and asked me what songs I knew in Spanish. Besides Shakira, this was the song I knew.

So this was the song I sang. And this is the song I have sung at every family event when the guitars get brought out, which happens a lot. My Chilean family calls it “La canción de la Abby.” Abby’s song.


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