Charlie gets stuck

I haven’t posted about Charlie for a while, and now the first thing I’m going to post is actually kind of making fun of him. Poor guy! But it’s too funny not to share.

The truth is, the adjustment to living with two other cats has been hard for him, and stressful for me. The other two cats I live with (who are named Stevie and yes, Charlie…confusing!) are bigger and dominant over my poor little Charles. They pick fights with him and therefore, he spends most of his time either in my room or the upstairs bathroom in his “safe spot” which is on top of a shelf, way up where the other two can’t get him. Things have gotten better ever since my roommate bought a spray bottle. Now I just show it to the other two cats and they go running.

Besides the bathroom, my closet is Charlie’s favorite hide-out spot. I keep his food and treats up on a high shelf where the other cats are less-likely to get it, and he loves jumping up there to grab a bite to eat between meals (which he is allowed to do…he’s such a fussy eater that he never finishes his breakfast or dinner). One day, there was something blocking the closet door so it didn’t open all the way, so when Charlie went to jump, he ended up stuck. I honestly think it was less agility and more of an accident how he ended up in this position, but it was funny nonetheless.

He ended up jumping from the door to the closet shelf after I moved some things out of his way. I tried to have him jump down into my arms but for some reason he didn’t want to do that.

Oh Charlie, you never cease to amuse me with your crazy antics!


2 thoughts on “Charlie gets stuck

  1. Scandal attempts crazy tricks like that all the time. He has some complex where he believes that the higher up he is, the more powerful (it’s a cat thing). It means he always tries to get into the furnace room because he can hide in the rafters. Except my parents hate that because they are unsure if he could travel to a neighbor’s house since they are all connected and the neighbors would be all “WTH a cat?!?”

    Poor Charlie. It must be an adjustment to have to live with two other cats after ruling his own apartment for so long!

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