Your mom’s a llama…

A few days ago I had the chance to go to Asheville, in Western North Carolina, as a chaperon for a group of international students. I fell in love with Asheville and the surrounding area. It looks and feels like Vermont, but the winters are considerably shorter. Sounds ideal to me.

Anyway, for the students, who were mostly Chinese, the highlight of the trip was definitely the night we went to a farm for a barbecue.


Hello llama.

It was so funny. We were approaching the farm and most of the students were sleeping after a long day. All of a sudden, they all started talking (in Chinese) and pointing excitedly out the window of the bus. When we got off the bus, they all went RUNNING down to see the llamas. I was thinking, well, maybe they’d never seen a llama before? I mean, I was pretty excited too, I love all animals, but these kids were ecstatic.

For some reason, though, they didn’t seem as enthused about these guys.

Hello minis.

Or this guy (who mysteriously had a stick propping his horns up…not sure what that was about).

It looks like he has a stick instead of horns in this picture, but he actually had both. I have no idea why.

Then, when the chaperons went out later, I found out. Apparently, in Chinese, the word that sounds like llama means MILF.* Apparently their interest wasn’t as pure as I had thought…

In case you don’t believe me, here’s a picture of all the students going crazy over the llamas.

So many students you can’t even see the llamas!

*In case you don’t know this term, it’s an acronym to refer to an attractive older woman. Mother I’d Like to…I think you get the picture. 


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