The Dave Matthews Band was my favorite band throughout most of my young adult and teen years, and even into college. Under the Table and DreamingBefore these Crowded Streets and Crash were my favorite albums, in that order. I owned Everyday and Busted Stuff, and I enjoyed them, but nothing compared with the first three. Then Stand Up came out and I didn’t like that song American Baby at all, so I didn’t buy the album. Then, to be honest, I kind of moved on. Of course I still loved their old music but I stopped being so attentive to what the band was up to.

That is, until now. They have a new album coming out tomorrow: Away from the World. All weekend I listened to it streaming for free on iTunes and it sounds great. It reminds me of their first three albums.

This is the first single: Mercy. It’s not my favorite song on the CD, but it’s good.


One thought on “Mercy

  1. Abby, please forgive, but I’m just getting caught up, I lost your blog when you switched over to the new blog place. I just wanted to say that in December I turned 50 and my son gave me tickets to see DMB at the casino, here in Connecticut. It was the best birthday of my whole 50 years, a wild mix of the old stuff (Bartender, Jimi Thing) and a lot of new stuff from Away From The World, like Belly Belly Nice…..I’ve been listening to Dave since….hmmm can’t really remember, late 1990’s, he’s always evolving….and I did get to see his vineyard in Virginia, a very beautiful place indeed, very close to Jefferson’s Monticello…..def worth a little road trip.

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