Biking around Raleigh

Over Labor Day weekend I spent time with my cousin and her family. On Saturday, we biked 14.2 miles all around Raleigh, despite the 90 degrees and humidity. It was a great workout and we had a fun time making a couple stops along the way.

First we stopped at the Raleigh rose garden. Very peaceful.

In the Rose Garden.


Next we went to a delicious chocolate shop called Escazu Artisan Chocolates. The smell upon entering was heavenly. I wish I could pump that smell into my townhouse. It would probably be enough to keep me from eating so many chocolates…but I digress.

Delicious ice cream at Escazu.

After having sampling some goods at Escazu we pedaled down Hillsborough Street and stopped near the NCSU campus to see some of the cows from the NC Cow Parade.

Being silly in front of the Wolf cow. Go Wolfpack!

Our final destination was a gem show at the fair grounds, where we thoroughly enjoyed the air conditioning and also looking at shiny rocks. There was a surprising amount of Lapis Lazuli, which of course reminded me of Chile.

Lapis Lazuli at the gem show.

All in all, it was a great bike ride, and I was only a little sore the next day.

All pictures except the last one are courtesy of my cousin, Instagram extraordinaire. 



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