Welcome to Raleigh!

Growing up in Vermont, there were two phrases I heard a lot during the summer: “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity” and “I prefer dry heat.” Now in Vermont, we have a very limited summer (two months, if we’re lucky) so it was easy to live through the high humidity because it was way better than feet of snow and freezing temperatures.

Then I moved to Santiago, and these two phrases were really put to the test, because the heat was dry. Now that I’m back in steamy North Carolina, I can say for a fact that I DO prefer dry heat and it really isn’t the heat, it’s the humidity.

I’ve never sweat so much as I have in the past four days. Thank goodness for central air.

I suppose it would be better if I just went from the air-conditioned house to an air-conditioned car to an air-conditioned classroom, but alas, I am without a car, so I will have either a bus ride or a sweaty walk in between there. So far, I’ve discovered that I got very used to Transantiago and therefore am too impatient to wait for a bus that arrives every 12 minutes and convince myself it’s faster to walk. It’s not faster to walk. I need to learn to be patient. And I need to buy a bike, which will be happening soon.

I also need to learn a sense of direction. Turns out that the Andes mountains in Santiago were a big help. Here, I have no idea which direction leads where. I got really confused when I asked my cousin which way campus was and she said, both ways! I’ve been studying a lot of maps and I think I’ve finally gotten it down, but I still finding myself glancing up, trying to find those snowy peaks.

Tomorrow is my first day of classes at NCSU! I freaked out slightly last night as I realized I hadn’t bought any notebooks. I don’t know if I remember how to be a student, but hopefully it’ll come back to me.


9 thoughts on “Welcome to Raleigh!

  1. Awwww, I’m sure your sense of direction will come back. 🙂 I’ve never had a sense of direction so don’t ever have to worry about losing it! Haha

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