Back in the USA

I’m back!

So far, so good.

The nice gentleman at Homeland Security only looked at me a little funny when I said my name was “Ah-bee-guy-eel” instead of pronouncing it the English way.

I have only put the toilet paper into the non-existent garbage can next to the toilet once.

I have only thrown in random Spanish words into English sentences a couple of times.

Charlie has only been chased by the dogs once (and he’s fine).

It was 100 degrees the day I got home but now it’s cooler and raining (I ❤ rain in the summer!)

Tomorrow morning I’m going to Vermont for a week of family, camp and fun.  I can’t wait!

Blogging will be light over the next couple of weeks. My computer is dying and won’t connect to the internet, plus next week I’ll have little internet access and I still don’t have a SIM card for my phone yet. But expect lots of lovely posts when I get back!


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