Hasta luego, Santiago

When I was a student studying here and the time for me to leave was approaching, I was a mess. I cried all the time. I didn’t want to leave. I was angustiada, which most closely translates to distressed; I was a mess for the couple of weeks leading up to my departure.

Five years later, I’m leaving again. I have cried exactly three times, mostly from nostalgia. I’m sad to leave in that way where you know that this is the end of a chapter in your life, one that you can’t go back to. I’m sad to leave the great friends that I formed here. I’m sad to leave my daily routine, which I’ve become accustomed to.

But I am at peace with my decision, and that has helped me from becoming such a wreck like last time. Also, there are two things that I’ve realized that have helped me as I come to the end of my time in Chile. One, as a very wise friend told me : not everything is permanent. I can come back to Chile whenever I want, and that makes me feel a lot better about leaving. Second, Chile doesn’t seem as far away as it did when I was an exchange student. Yes, Chile is FAR AWAY, but I’ve now traveled back and forth a total of 8 times, and with each time, it seems a little easier, a little closer. Plus with Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc, I can be in touch with my friends here in Chile in an instant.

I am also excited to start this new phase of my life. Excited and terrified, mind you, but the prospect of being a student again is quite exciting. I also am looking forward to experiencing living in a different part of the U.S. (the South!) and being much closer to my family.

It’s hard to sum up the last five and a half years with a few words, but I have to say that Chile has treated me well. It sounds corny, but it has helped build the person I am now and has definitely shaped who I will be in the future. While I can’t say that if I were to do it all over again, I’d do it exactly the same way, but I am so glad that I’ve had the experience of living abroad.

Finally, I want to thank you all for having followed along over the past three and a half years since I started this blog. The community of Chile bloggers and ex-pats throughout the world has definitely helped me through some tough moments. I plan to keep blogging, so I hope you decide to keep reading.

Hasta luego, Santiago. Nos vemos pronto.


12 thoughts on “Hasta luego, Santiago

    • I’ve never been to Chipotle! But my parents just mentioned that there is one nearby so maybe I’ll check it out. Not sure if it would survive the trip to Ethiopia though… Hope everything is going well with you! I need to get caught up on your blog.

  1. Abby, you are going to do incredibly well back home and yes, Chile will always be here for you in its own special way. I sincerely wish you all the best of the best for the next chapter of your life which I am sure will be just as exciting as the one you have just had, if not more.
    Always remember… indulge and enjoy!

  2. Well, they can take Abby from Chile, but no one will ever be able to take Chile from Abby, I guess. On behalf of all Chileans, bloggers or not, old ladies on the metro, flaites on a plaza, cuicos from La Dehesa, or groundhogs from the south, I hope your experiences here help you in some way in your future life,I think you´ll never lose your wallet or be impatient if someone doesn´t show up right in time for a date, xD and also, i would like to apologize for all those old viejitas that always try to push in the metro, the cat calls from the obreros, or late night shows like Morandé con Compañia.
    Given enough time, even those memories will feel sweeter xD
    Good luck!!

    • I like that first sentence Marmo! I might start using that. And you’re right, living in Chile has taught me so many things that I will never forget!

  3. How sad. The time has finally come. But, at the same time, how exciting for you, Abby. Really. 🙂

    I know you’ll return one day. I have a feeling the next place you travel to won’t be South America, but you’ll definitely be back to revisit Chile at some point in the future. 🙂 I’m so excited for you, darling!

  4. I miss you already, which sounds silly because it’s not like I saw you on a weekly basis or anything, but now a fourth of my friends are gone… boo! But I know you are off to other adventures, which is how I was at your age too (which makes me sound old)… and look where I am now… hahaha! Back in Chile. Have fun visiting your family and getting settled in at grad school.

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