The Costanera Center

When I was a student here in Santiago back in 2007, I remember passing through Providencia with my host mom. She pointed to a construction site and told me, “Abby, it’s going to be so great, soon we’ll have a mall in Providencia!”

Five years later, this mall, the Costanera Center, has finally opened. The tower that goes along with it, which once finished will be the tallest building in South America, is not done yet, but I’ve been able to follow its progression from the view out my apartment window.

August 2009, the Costanera Center tower is the one with the yellow rim to the right of the brick apartment building. The taller one in the background is the Titanium which was finished shortly after I took this picture. 

I must have taken this photo sometime in November 2010. As you can see, the tower is getting taller.

 I took this photo in some very weird light just last month. This is pretty much what it looks like now, it just has a bit more glass up the sides. 

Anyway, on Saturday I ventured over to check it out. This is what it looks like now, with glass up part of the tower and the mall below.

I went at probably the worst possible time: 5:30pm on a Saturday. THE PLACE WAS PACKED. .

I didn’t go to any stores except Jumbo, because by the time I was done there I was exhausted and way over stimulated by all the people and florescent lights and music and things to buy! But I did walk across the second floor to another exit, and on the way passed this pretty fountain that everyone was taking pictures of.

The mall has six floors, and according to the little pamphlet they gave me on the way out (I entered through the back, near Av. Andres Bello), each floor has a theme, like for example the third floor is for women, the fourth floor is for men, etc. A lot of stored haven’t opened yet, but supposedly they will soon. The Jumbo didn’t have its liquor licence approved so the beer and wine section was roped off.

Even though it was crazy busy, I’m glad I went and checked it out. Overall, I’m not sure Chile needs another mall, and I think that it’s going to cause crazy bad traffic problems, but I don’t drive so I’m happy to take advantage of a nearby Jumbo for month I have left here in Santiago.

Plus, Jumbo was selling these, and that made it all worth it. Yes, that is a picture of the empty bag. Please don’t judge.

Details: The mall is near Metro Tobalaba, on Av. Vitacura between Los Leones and “Nueva Tobalaba”. I walked up Andres Bello because that was easiest from my house and I entered through the back near Ripley, but the official pedestrian entrance is on Vitacura. If you’re coming by car, don’t. The traffic will be horrible.


9 thoughts on “The Costanera Center

  1. I am in no hurry to see go, the anti-mall-rat that I am, but I heard they will have a Banana Republic, in which case I will make the sacrifice. My BIL said they have a few good kitchen stores that might be cool to check out.

    That is a tiny bag of chips, so you are fine!

    • Yes, Banana Republic is listed on the list of stores in the pamphlet they handed out with a little star next to it (meaning coming soon). Yeah luckily I made that bag of chips last three days. I’m pretty proud of that!

  2. Wow, I love that you managed to capture the progress from your window. 🙂 But it definitely sounds like a crazy busy place – can you ever imagine that place being quiet? Eek.

  3. We have a little mall here in La Serena, and it would probably be cute if the noise wasn’t so bad. It drives us crazy when we go, a constant rumbling sound of people. When I lived in the US I could enter a mall in the morning and not come out till the evening, perfectly happy. Not in this mall, I can barely last a few hours!

    Although, Banana Republic is tempting! If I ever get to Santiago…whine.

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