Why you gotta be so mean?

There were some kids who were mean to me in school. I got teased sometimes and there was this one jerk in 5th grade who thought it was super clever to call me “Flabby Abby.” There were the popular girls in middle school who didn’t let me sit on the rocks with them at lunch. One time in 9th grade a girl I knew asked me, “Is it hard for you that your sister is so much prettier than you?” But in the grand scheme of things, I was never seriously bullied, and I’m so thankful for that.

I know that bullying has gotten worse since I’ve been out of school, and it breaks my heart. I hope this song is some small consolation for those who are going through it now. And if it serves as any consolation, most of the kids who were mean to me in school turned out to be huge losers who didn’t go anywhere in life. And here I am, livin’ in a big ole city… 🙂


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