My love affair with SFO

The last few times I’ve gone to the U.S., I’ve taken flights to New York. LAN has a direct flight to JFK, which is very convenient, especially now that my parents live just over two hours away. However, JFK and LaGuardia aren’t airports to write home about. I’ve never had any major problems there (I’m looking at you, DFW and ATL) but I would never rant and rave about them.

SFO, the San Francisco International Airport, on the other hand, is a gem. It’s the way an airport should be. I typed most of this post from a nice table area with lots of outlets. Since my laptop’s battery died forever ago I always have to have it plugged in, and most airports have a huge shortage of outlets. One time in Toronto I had to awkwardly sit on the floor in front of a payphone to charge my laptop. And other times there simply aren’t outlets. Anywhere.

Also, SFO lets you freely connect to their wireless network if you take a short survey or watch a video. That is way better than paying $9.95 for Boingo wireless.

Water-bottle filling stationed with filtered water. Yum!

SFO also has recycling and compost bins everywhere, as well as sinks especially for filling water bottles. It has special hand dryers in the bathroom that are eco-friendly, and also worked better than any other hand dryer I’ve ever used.

It has ridiculously comfortable red chairs. I almost didn’t want to get up when they called me for boarding.

It also has some nice exhibits that you can browse if you arrive ridiculously early to your flight (like I did).

This was what greeted me on arrival to SFO. In case I was wondering, yes, I’ve arrived in California!

And last but not least, the Yoga room. Flying always makes me tense and sore, so it would be nice to stretch out a bit after going through security. There is one in Terminal 2, the American and Virgin domestic terminal. I can’t vouch for the other terminals, but hopefully this is an airport-wide phenomenon.

Airports are not my favorite place to be, but I could spend more time in SFO. JFK and LaGuarida, take note.

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3 thoughts on “My love affair with SFO

  1. I agree with you about the airports. JFK is complicated, far away from the city and expensive. While my memories of LaGuardia are not very fancy, I still remember the bus from Harlem to LaGuardia. Despite being in Manhattan, Harlem is quite a scary place. It was interesting to see a liquor store with a small window with bars on it… at 15:00!!!
    SFO is a peaceful airport, located near San Francisco and with an interesting selection of stores 🙂
    Miami international is also quite nice, although it has more to do with the fact that Miami does not look like other cities in the US. I would recommend you to stop by, I think LAN has plenty of flights to Miami too.
    Boston and Seattle are two airports that I wouldn’t recommend. Boston Airport is unnecessarily long (you will have to walk a lot to get to your gate despite the fact that there aren’t many gates) and Seattle is too little and too far away from Seattle.
    I once stopped at Dallas airport, it is a nice and organized airport too. The train will take you from international arrivals to national arrivals without problems and they have a good selection of restaurants and shops. Although I’m still wondering if they speak english there 😛

    • I’ve been to all the airports you mentioned, except Seattle. Dallas is a nice airport, but I’ve had bad luck with flights there (as have a lot of people I know). The flight to Chile just gets cancelled or delayed a lot, so I try my hardest not to fly through there. I’ve only been through the airport in Miami, never to the city, but I don’t like the airport. You have to walk SO LONG to get to customs and immigration. It’s like a good 15-20 minute walk. I much prefer a direct flight to JFK than having to have a layover in Miami. I’ll even pay more to avoid it!

      I have been to Logan more times than I can remember, but always flying out or arriving, never a connecting flight. I don’t remember it being that bad, although I still love SFO more.

  2. I really missed seeing any of this. Haha. I literally flew in to SFO at just before midnight, got whizzed through customs and then had to wait an hour for my luggage. By the time I got it, I was ready to bolt right out of there.

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