My Birthday Through the Years


Celebrating last night

It’s still technically my birthday, but I feel like it was yesterday, because that’s when I celebrated. When your birthday falls on the eve of a long weekend, it’s hard to get everyone together to celebrate the day of. But that’s ok! Yesterday I had sushi for lunch with my boss and work neighbor and last night went for tapas with my friends.


A pretty blurry picture of last year's soiree.

The day of my birthday my boss brought in pie de limon to work, and we went out to lunch. One of my students brought my flowers. That night, R had a cake for me then we got some pisco sours and onion soup at the Peluquería Francesa. The next weekend we celebrated our birthdays together with our friends and made delicious food.


A bunch of friends came over after I finished my night class at the Institute. We drank wine and ate appetizers. Charlie was still very much a kitten and he entertained us all. The day of my birthday, the guy I was very briefly dating brought me some cake and a coffee mug with a dog on it. The mug broke a few months ago.


With my birthday jersey at Uruguay vs. Chile

I had a bunch of friends over to the back patio when I was living in the casita. F bought me a Chile jersey and we went to see Chile play Uruguay a couple of days before my birthday. The day of my birthday I made F eat pancakes with me in the morning, then celebrated with my host mom and Isabel in the evening.


That is my "serious" face, in case you were wondering.

It was my senior year of college. My birthday was near the end of Spring Break, so I celebrated with my family at The Single Pebble in Burlington. When I got back to school, I invited all my friends to eat at The Last Unicorn. They went along with it even though they had already planned a surprise party for me, with a mint ice cream cake (I still dream about that cake), Disney Princess paper plates, party hats, and fake tattoos. I have the best friends.


Awww, one of the best birthdays ever!

I was studying abroad in Chile, and also the year I turned 21. I got really sick just a few days before my birthday, so I wasn’t allowed to drink alcohol on my 21st birthday. Too bad I’m such a party animal, it really broke my heart (jokes!). Anyway, I still remember it as one of my best birthdays. J and F took me ice skating at Cero Grado at Parque Arauco, then we ate lunch at the now defunct New York Bagels (I swear, that place should re-open, I would provide it with enough business), and we finished the day at Bravissimo. That weekend I had a small gathering at my host family’s house, complete with music and sing-a-longs.


Yay for awesome presents 🙂

I celebrated with my roommates and friends. I got a my-little-pony and a whisk (inside joke, see below). A. got me a delicious cake and my roommates and I decided it was a good idea to try to all three of us get inside a giant plastic garbage bag. I think we ended up in fits of giggles on the floor. And no, at that point, no alcohol was involved.


I have pictures of this night, but they will not be posted here, to protect my dignity. 🙂

I think about the “parties” we had in my incredibly small freshmen year dorm room and I cringe. But we had some great times. This was the first year I got the whisk, given to me by my roomie A. I can’t remember why, but it got passed around year after year. I think I finally ended up with it, but I couldn’t tell you where it is now.

2004 and prior

Celebrating my birthday for me was always about my family. My grandmother’s birthday is April 1st, so a lot of years we celebrated together. I did have parties with my friends some years, including a purple heart-themed party when I turned 7 and a roller skating party in my grandma’s basement when I turned 5. In middle school I had some sleep over parties, which I have vague but good memories of. When I was 10 I got my horse, Nutmeg as a present. Other notable presents were my guitar, pearls (for my 16th), and my tenor saxophone. But my birthday isn’t about presents, it’s about my family and friends and realizing how blessed and lucky I am to have so many people in my life who love me.


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