Country Music, Red Solo Cup and Jango

Growing up, I didn’t listen to country music at home, but once I started working in the milking parlor when I was around 11 or 12, the radio station was pretty much permanently tuned to country music. There were some employees on the farm who were convinced that the cows gave more milk when they listened to country music. I can’t say I actually believed it, but I still preferred not to change the radio.

Anyway, I can honestly say that I do like some country music, but mostly artists who have had “cross-over” success, like the Dixie Chicks, Alison Krauss or more recently, Lady Antebellum.

But every time I hear country music it makes me really nostalgic for my childhood spent on the farm, and home in general. I was really happy and surprised to learn that R. also likes country music, and so as we drove around in California, we often tuned into the country station.

I actually first heard “Red Solo Cup” on Glee (how embarrassing) but when I heard it again while driving around with R., we both commented about how only in the USA would this song be such a hit. I mean really, who writes a song about a disposable cup and have it be a great success? Toby Keith, apparently.

Anyway, I got a kick out of this song, even though it’s completely ridiculous.

On a somewhat related note, Eileen introduced me to Jango. It’s an online radio much like Pandora, except IT WORKS IN CHILE. Yay! And I have to admit, the last week at work more often that not I have been playing country music as I work, much to my students’ and boss’s chagrin.


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