El más terrible, el implacable

Apparently I am way behind the times with this song. Last September, a plane crashed on the way to the Juan Fernández Archipelago, killing a famous TV anchor, Felipe Camiroaga, and twenty other people who were going to the island as part of the reconstruction effort after the 2010 earthquake.

This song apparently became very popular after Camiroaga’s death, and people dedicated it to his memory. I have to admit that I don’t really understand the connection between his death and the lyrics. For me, it’s about the end of a relationship. I also have to admit that I heard it for the first time about a week ago in San Francisco, when two friends and I stayed up late and listened to music and talked about deep things like the meaning of life and drank champagne.

The original song is by Cuban musician Silvio Rodriguez, this is a cover by Chilean band The Bunkers.


One thought on “El más terrible, el implacable

  1. Camiroaga pidió, muchos años antes de morir, a un amigo, que tocaran esa canción en su funeral. Nadie pensó que su muerte sería tan pronto, o tan pública.

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