Spring in Santiago

Spring is my favorite season in the U.S. This probably has to do with the fact that winter is SO LONG in New England and the first hint of warm weather around the beginning of April is so welcome. Also, my birthday is at the beginning of April, so that helps too. Spring has a distinct smell in Vermont, mostly of mud and melting snow, but I love it.

Spring in Santiago is not as good. First of all, winter isn’t as long. Second, it’s at the wrong time of year. It doesn’t matter that I’ve lived here for three years, my internal clock still expects crunchy falling leaves, crisp mornings, apple cider and pumpkins once October rolls around. Another thing that frustrates me is the lack of spring. In years past, it has seemed to go from cold and raining to hot and sunny and 85 degrees out without much in between. That is not okay with me.

Although it seems like it’s pretty much over (we’ve been having a heat wave this week–yesterday it was 93 F!), spring put on a good show this year. We even had some overcast days when I almost thought it was going to rain again. And the thing I love most about spring in Santiago, and Chile in general? Flowering trees.

So here are some pictures I’ve snapped of some beauts. Enjoy.

I don’t know what these are called, but I call them pretty purple trees. Super scientific. They are all around my neighborhood.

This tree is called notro and it grows in the south of Chile. These pictures are from Valdivia and Cañete.

This tree is called espino because of the large thorns it has. But the yellow flowers are beautiful and smell nice too. These pictures were taken in Pomaire, a small town near Santiago. I think this tree comes out in early spring; I took the pictures during the second week of October.

This year I’m sad that spring is pretty much over. Now comes 4+ months of hot, dry weather. Good thing I’ll be escaping to the cold north in February!


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