Todo lo que hago lo hago por ti

This week  we are taking a break from the timeline of my life through music and instead I’m focusing on a song that I love right now. The very first time I heard this song I was drawn in. I like Calle 13 because I have to listen carefully to understand they lyrics, but every time I do, I end up loving them. The same thing happened with this song. I was drawn in by the lyrics. And then the end of the song comes…and there is a gunshot. I was so confused. The song is so upbeat, and talks about all these amazing things that this guy can do, but how he dedicates them all to his true love. Why the gunshot? Does she not love him back? What is the story?

So I went to the source: Youtube. And I watched the video. And I have to admit: I was even more confused. As my dad would say, what do dolphins have to do with the price of tea in China? As in, what does the video have to do with the song? At least it explains the gunshot at the end. Kind of.

Here’s the video. Below are the lyrics in Spanish and my translation of them. What do you think of the gun shot at the end? What do you think of the video?

Yo he peleado con cocodrilos
Me he balanceado sobre un hilo cargando más de 500 kilos
Le he dado la vuelta al mundo en menos de un segundo
He cruzado 100 laberintos y nunca me confundo

I’ve fought with crocodiles
I’ve balanced on a thread carrying more than 500 kilos
I’ve gone around the world in less than a second
I’ve gone through 100 labyrinths and I never get confused

Respiro dentro y fuera del agua como las focas
Soy a prueba de fuego, agarro balas con la boca
Mi creatividad vuela como los aviones
Puedo construir un cerebro sin leer las instrucciones

I breath in and out of the water like seals
I’m fireproof, I catch bullets with my mouth
My creativity flies like an airplane
I can build a brain without reading the instructions

Hablo todos los idiomas de todos los abecedarios
Tengo más vocabulario que cualquier diccionario
Tengo vista de águila, olfato de perro
Puedo caminar descalzo sobre clavos de hierro

I speak every language of every alphabet
I have more vocabulary than any dictionary
I have the sight of an eagle, the sense of smell of a dog
I can walk barefoot over iron nails

Soy inmune a la muerte
No necesito bendiciones porque siempre tengo buena suerte
Ven conmigo a dar un paseo por el parque
Porque tengo más cuentos que contarte que García Márquez

I’m immune to death
I don’t need blessings because I have good luck
Come take a walk with me in the park
Because I have more stories to tell you than García Márquez

Por ti, todo lo que hago lo hago por ti
Es que tú me sacas lo mejor de mí
Soy todo lo que soy
Porque tú eres todo lo que quiero

For you, everything I do I do it for you
Because you bring the best out in me
I’m everything I am
Because you are everything I want

Puedo brincar la cuerda con solo una pierna
Veo en la oscuridad sin usar una linterna
Cocino lo que quieras, yo soy todo un chef
Tengo sexo 24 – 7 todo el mes

I can jump rope with only one leg
I can see in the dark without using a flashlight
I can cook whatever you want, I’m such a chef
I have sex 24-7 all month long

Puedo soplar las nubes grises pa’ que tengas un buen día
También se como comunicarme por telepatía
Por ti, cruzo las fronteras sin visa
Y le saco una buena sonrisa a la “Mona Lisa”

I can blow away the gray clouds so you have a good day
I also know how to communicate through telepathy
For you, I cross borders without a visa
And I can get a good smile out of the “Mona Lisa”

Por ti, respiro antes de morirme
Por ti voy a la Iglesia y escucho toda la misa sin dormirme
Sigo siendo el Rey, aunque no tenga reino
Mi sudor huele a perfume y nunca me despeino

For you, I breath before I die
For you I go to church and I listen to the whole mass without falling asleep
I am still a king, even if I don’t have a kingdom
My sweat smells like perfume and my hair is never messy

Se pelear todas las artes marciales
También se como comunicarme con los animales
Mientras más pasa el tiempo me veo más joven
Y esta canción la compuse sin escuchar como Beethoven

I know how to fight all the martial arts
I also know how to communicate with animals
As more time passes, I look younger
And I composed this song without hearing, like Beethoven


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