Your Love is Thick

If I had wanted to do these Mondays are for Music posts in a strictly chronological order, this post should have come before the Hanson post. But I’m not that organized.

This was the first song I ever heard on the radio that really struck me. These were the days before looking up a song online, so I remember purposefully listening to the radio so I could hear the DJ announce the name of the artist.

It was also around the time that I started to have crushes on boys. There was a boy in my fourth grade class who looked like Shawn from Boy Meets World and I used to imagine that this song was written for us. Oh, unrequited fourth grade love.

Anyway, without further ado, I give you…Alanis.


6 thoughts on “Your Love is Thick

  1. omg I was NOT allowed to have the Jagged Little Pill since the f* word was on it BUT like any sneaky 6th grader I got my mischievous little hands on it and also used to imagine the lyrics were about my little blonde crush (who is still a good friend of mine, crazy how time flies). It’s funny the Boy Meets World reference b/c I JUST (like 30 minutes ago) finished watching a Thanksgiving episode in my search for the best way to explain American Thanksgiving to Spanish teenagers 🙂

    Great song pic!! xo

    • I was also not allowed to have the album, but my best friend had it and she made a clandestine copy for me…haha. Also, that is awesome about Boy Meets World. Writing this post definitely made me want to look up old episodes and watch them. Such a classic.

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