Tears stream

If you ever want to see my cry, and I’m talking about a full-out sob (snot, hiccups and snorting included) then you really only need to play this song.

It doesn’t matter if it’s during an episode of Glee or if it comes on the radio or if I’m listening to it on my iPod, it’s a guaranteed waterworks.

Not sure what it is about the song, but it gets me every time.

Tonight I happened to listen to it right before I heard about Steve Jobs’ passing. I should probably head out and buy some more tissues.


5 thoughts on “Tears stream

  1. I had no idea that song triggered such strong emotions for you! It’s a darn good thing you weren’t in my body balance class several months ago, when that song featured in the soundtrack! And of course RIP Steve Jobs!

    • Yeah, when it comes on the radio at work I have to do something to distract myself, or go to the bathroom or something. Also, seems like a strange song for a body balance class…?

  2. Awwww. Poor Abs.

    I’m not a fan of Coldplay at all but I’m not one to judge about songs that get me tearing up big time. The last song to make me cry my eyes out? I saw the video for Eminem’s ‘When I’m Gone’ and it just broke my heart. I found the lyrics so heartbreaking and full of honesty.

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