We Lift our Glasses to Chelsea and Pete

My sister got married on Saturday. In my completely unbiased opinion, it was the most beautiful wedding in the world and my sister was the most gorgeous bride to ever exist.

As the maid of honor, I was kind of nervous about my toast-making skills. See, I’m not an excellent public speaker and I tend to cry when I’m emotional. So I asked my brother if he would like to give the toast with me, because hey, my sister is his sister too, and he’s a great public speaker. But he had a better idea. Why not write a song?

So write a song we did, in two video Skype sessions. Then when I got home we practiced a few times and voila, we surprised the pants off my sister and brother-in-law. And they loved it. And we loved that they loved it because that was the whole point.

Pictures and reports from the wedding and my trip home coming later this week!


8 thoughts on “We Lift our Glasses to Chelsea and Pete

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