Viña Emiliana, Casablanca Valley

A few weeks ago I visited Viña Emiliana in the Casablanca Valley which is just west of Santiago heading towards the coast. I have to admit I wasn’t too excited about this trip. It was raining in Santiago, and the prospect of visiting a vineyard in the middle of winter when there is nothing on the vines had me feeling less than enthused. However, as we crossed through the second tunnel on Route 68, the weather changed completely. The sun was shining and the valley glistened green.

The tour was also very interesting. Our guide was very informed and really passionate about her work. Emiliana is a vineyard that uses organic and biodynamic grapes, and it was really interesting to learn about the history of biodynamics and how the theories are used at the vineyard. Even though Emiliana is owned by the same people that own wine giant Concha y Toro, it was obvious that at least at the Casablanca site, the company really cares about their workers. They even provide a place for each worker to have their own garden!

The wine tasting was also delicious. I’m the exact opposite of a wine expert, though. Give me four kinds of wine and a cheese platter with a gorgeous view out the window and I’d probably be happy if they were all box wine. 🙂

Also, the best part. There were animals.

There were ducks! And a beautiful backdrop.

Not only was our guide really good, but she had great rain boots.

Pepe's garden

Alpaca! (Their manure helps fertilize the grapes)

Baby alpaca! He was a little shy.

And any place that has a kitty to snuggle with by the fireplace is okay in my book.


18 thoughts on “Viña Emiliana, Casablanca Valley

  1. Baby alpaca! Love!

    My favorite wine in recent memory came from Emiliana, so I’m glad to hear that all that talk about biodynamic and eco-conscious and generally good seems to really be true.

    • He (she?) was so cute. I wanted it to come closer to get a better picture but it was really shy. The guide said it had just been born the week before!

  2. That alpaca was in one of my photo sessions once 🙂

    Actually just going to do a shoot there and talking to the lady in charge of unlocking the door was interesting enough to make me want to take a tour. You’ve sold me on the idea officially now.

  3. I too loved Emiliana. It was my favorite winery on a two day visit through the Maipo and Casablanca Valleys this past February. We had the warmth of the Chilean summer and believe me, it was lovely to have great weather with the delicious wine of Emiliana. My favorite was their blend Coyam, but I have not been able to find it here where I live.
    We went with WineToursValparaiso and our guide allowed us all the time we wanted to stay and enjoy the beauty of this property. I am really glad you posted this, as it brought back some nice memories.

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