Happy Birthday Chelsea, and Hello Nostalgia

My little sister, the cute one in the middle there, turns 23 years old today. That in and of itself of course is a joyous occasion. But usually my sibling’s birthdays don’t really hit me the way this one is. It’s probably because in less than three weeks SHE IS GETTING MARRIED. 

Of course I am overjoyed, proud, excited, and most of all simply happy for her and her fiance, who I’ve known for a long time and is already part of our family.

But just allow me a moment to be nostalgic for the days of yore.

Times like…

When I was so fascinated to have a baby sister I couldn’t stop putting my fingers in your mouth.

When I made you laugh like a banshee by flinging my hair around.

When we got a baby brother and you were so excited you wouldn’t ever let him nap in peace.

When we played journey, pretending my bed was a covered wagon headed west on the Oregon Trail.

When we fought and then left each other apology notes on our pillows.

When we played Power Rangers and we argued over who got to be the pink one because obviously the yellow one wasn’t as cool.

When we played on the same field hockey team.

When we put on layers and layers of plaid and won “plaid night” at youth group.

When we shared a bedroom.

When we performed together in our high school’s talent show.

When we went to El Salvador together.

When you came to visit me in Santiago and we took pictures of Mom being scared in the teleferico.

When I went with you to try on wedding dresses and cried because you looked so beautiful.

Happy Birthday, Cha.

See you in five days to make a whole crop of new memories.



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