My 7 Links

Started by Tripbase, My 7 Links posts have been circulating around the interwebs for the past couple of weeks. I was hesitant to want to participate at first, but I think it’s a good exercise to go back through my blog and read my past posts. Thanks to Alessandra for tagging me.

So, without further ado, My 7 Links…

My most beautiful post

The cathedral in Salta, Argentina

This was a hard one to choose, but I decided on Adventures in Northern Argentina because Salta and the Provincia de Jujuy are some of the most beautiful places I’ve been. Also, I was so ambitious I wrote up the whole trip in one post! Apparently I had some time on my hands.

My most popular post

Since I changed to WordPress in March, it’s hard to gauge this. But looking at both stats from Blogger and WordPress, it looks like the winner is The Upside of teaching English in Chile.  In fact, the vast majority of my traffic still comes from people searching about teaching English in Chile, which is funny considering I am no longer an English teacher. 🙂

My most controversial post

This one is a no-brainer: It’s All Relative Part II. I’m posting a link to my old blog so you can see the comments (they didn’t transfer over from blogger to WordPress for some reason). However, I have to say that some troll that will remain unnamed and started the whole controversy has apparently had enough free time to go and delete all of his comments, so some of the discussion seems a bit confusing. Almost two years after writing this post, I have to say that I’ve now been to La Legua and La Legua Emergencia several times, and so the first part of this post strikes me as very naive. However, the basic gist of the post remains the same. I like to see new places, and I love the fact that I live in such a big, diverse city that I have the chance to do just that all the time.

My most helpful post

This is how Charlie survives winter in Santiago

Besides my posts on teaching English in Chile, I’d say that How to Survive a Santiago Winter: 10 Useful Tips is my most helpful post, and especially pertinent as we are currently in the middle of yet another frigid Santiago winter. In fact, as I am typing this post, I have a hot water bottle on my lap, the space heater going, and a cup of hot tea. Just three of the ten ways to keep warm in the far south. 😉

A post whose success surprised me

Meant more as a rant, Open Mouth, Speak English, Insert Foot got quite a lot of attention. Seems like I hit a nerve, and in the comments readers started speculating about why it is that gringos are so darn loud.

A post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved

This category is really hard for me. I feel like writing, reading and commenting on blogs is a very personal thing and all about preferences. I never write a post thinking “Oh, this one is going to generate a lot of discussion!” or “This one is going to get me a lot of page views!” That probably makes me a bad blogger in some ways, but blogging for me continues to be a pastime and not a source of income, so I think that is okay. Anyway, since I have to pick one, I’d say Reasons to Move to Chile because (in my opinion) it’s a pretty useful post, but doesn’t generate much traffic compared to other posts on my blog.

A post I’m the most proud of

Okay, this is totally going to reveal the geek in me, but by far, A Weekend at the Zoo is the post I’m most proud of. One, because I made it for my friend who was in the U.S. so she could see her animals. And two, because it was my first major attempt at making a video. Now I’ve made about ten videos for work and actually think that this one is lacking in some ways, but I’m still proud of it nonetheless.

Now I’m supposed to tag people, but don’t feel any pressure to participate if you don’t want to!

I tag:

Angie of

Sara of The Titleless Blog

Katie of Seashells and Sunflowers



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