Club Can’t Handle Me

If you know me at all in person you probably will be very surprised by the following statement.

I went out both Friday AND Saturday night this weekend and partied until the wee hours of the morning. 

I am the kind of person who values my sleep. If I know that I’m not going to get enough sleep, I get really nervous. And I’m talking at least 7 1/2 hours a night as a bare minimum, if not at least 8 or 9. Call me grandma, but I think sleep is important.

The problem for me going out on the weekends is that even if I have no plans and can, in theory, sleep the day away, I feel guilty doing so. I think, these two days are precious. It is the only time that I have to clean, go grocery shopping, relax, play with Charlie, watch dumb TV, talk to my family and friends in the US and just hang. In other words, the weekends are mine. That doesn’t mean that I never see friends and am an anti-social hermit, but I really do value and need alone time. And somehow, the thought of sleeping away my me time freaks me out.

That being said, this weekend was one of the most fun I’ve had in a really really long time. I met new people, danced like a crazy person, yelled too loud, laughed, sang the ants go marching on the way to a club in Bellavista, went to two places where you have to “be cool” to get in, taught someone how to “perreo” (the reggaetón dance) and all in all, had a ridiculously good time.

Yes, there were some low points, like when a chick ran into me and spilled my drink all over me and refused to apologize or buy me a new drink, or when another girl yelled at me for “dancing too close to her” in a crowded club where you could barely move, or when a guy spilled beer on my head or when two Argentinean girls cut in front of me in the bathroom line. BUT, the rest of the weekend was so great these little things are like blips in the radar.

So here’s to doing something crazy once in a while, to meeting new people and to making new memories.


19 thoughts on “Club Can’t Handle Me

  1. OMG you’re officially me (or I’m officially you.) I’m all about sleep but ironically cannot bring myself to sleep in on weekends. A few weekends ago G convinced me to stay in bed until well past noon and that whole day just vanished before my eyes. It felt more awful than good.
    I need a crazy dancing night as you’ve described but the idea of there never being a “last call” ever again make me fear when the night will ever end??!! 🙂
    Did I mention that since college (yes late teens and early 20’s) my nickname has been grandma among my closests friends?

    • We are the same person. I am so ashamed to admit that on Saturday I didn’t get out of bed until 3pm. And today it was 1pm. All those hours wasted! But it was worth it 🙂 I think I just need to get better at getting less sleep…or something!

    • I was shocked as well, and absolutely in no way qualified to teach that dance. At all. Apparently if you give me vodka, that’s what happens, in case you’d like a lesson some day 🙂 Ha.

  2. I guess I am worse than a grandma then!. With kids, I have to really think about staying out too late… cuz there ain’t no sleeping in! Kids get up at 8:30. That said, I would love a night out dancing… haven’t been in ages. Perreo anyone?

  3. Abby – I just remembered after reading this that when I first met you we talked about your dislike of going out late. So funny since this weekend that thought would have never popped into my head.
    I don’t know what it was about Friday night (& Saturday) but everyone there had the same feeling: that it was one of the best nights ever in Santiago . It all just clicked that night with great company and spontaneity. Hopefully there will be many more!!! xoxox

    • Haha yeah. Certain other people I met on Friday night couldn’t believe it either 😉 But it’s true, I’m normally somewhat of a grandma when it comes to carrete…but I’m SO glad I went out Friday. It was truly a magical night, haha.

  4. Obviously you are going to get in places that you have to “be cool” if you are hanging out with me… jk jk it is all hilary and edmundo with their skills in French. I liked how we kept walking past Boudoir when I’m the one that suggested it.. haha

    • But of course that’s why, Lana! I’m certainally not going to get into any of those places by myself. Tania tried to get us into VIP at Las Urracas on Saturday by pretending to speak really bad Spanish. Unfortunately it didn’t work…probably should have whipped out the French. 😉

  5. There were no lines because of the following:
    1. Edmundo pulling out his french
    2. Us going to Etniko far too often and the waitstaff talking to us on a first name basis
    3. Tania telling the guards at the clubs that we were all diplomats and that we don´t speak Spanish and don´t have any Chilean pesos with us.

    Abby – you forgot to mention you came out Monday night too, even if it wasn´t til the wee hours of the morning.hahahaha

    Repeat next weekend?

    • Haha I didn’t mention it because I wrote this on Sunday 😉

      And I had no idea Tania told them we were diplomats!!! That is hilarious. We def. need a repeat although I’m not sure if I’m recovered from the last one yet! 😛

  6. You go, girl! 😉 Haha.

    I’m not really the party type and do love my nights in. I’d actually much prefer to have a bunch of friends over to mine, have a few drinks there, have a BBQ in the summer or something, listen to some music.

    But staying in most of the time definitely makes having a fun weekend out like that all the more special. 😀

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