Likes and dislikes

I really like this song.

(I also really like the video that Isabel posted of a baby dancing to this song)

I don’t like that I thought the words were “the dark days are over” and they are really “the dog days are over.”

I really love Charlie. He is especially cute when he snuggles next to the electric heater.

I really don’t love when he jumps on the counter and knocks the entire pan of freshly made lemon bars to the ground, shattering the pan and ruining the lemon bars. (And I hadn’t even eaten one yet!)

I don’t like asking for help.

I really really don’t like being locked out of my apartment while wearing my pajamas (llama sweater included) without my cell phone while on the way to the laundry room.

I do, however, like the fact that I bucked up and did indeed ask a neighbor for help.

And I love that I have friends that will come over and let me in at 8:00pm on a cold Sunday night.

I don’t particularly like rainy days.

But I really like the way the mountains look after the rain.

The picture really doesn’t do them justice. Although I’ve seen them snow-covered countless times, every time I look out, it takes my breath away because they seem so much closer, and so giant and imposing over the city. When people ask me what I like about living in Santiago, even though it sounds cliché I always mention the cordillera, because honestly, who doesn’t like waking up to that kind of view?


15 thoughts on “Likes and dislikes

    • I love how it looks so grandiose after the rain, kind of like the mountains jump out and are about to engulf the city. It never fails to suprise me to open my curtains to the snowcapped mountains that seem so close!

    • Haha the mountains in Vermont are like little hills compared to the Cordillera de los Andes. The truth is, I should get into the cordillera more often than I do. Although the thing about Santiago is you head far enough to the east within the city and you’re practically in the cordillera (although I’m not sure that really counts). The thing I like more about the mountains in VT is their lushness….the mountains around Santiago are quite dry, but so pretty with the snow on them!

  1. If the Dog Days are over, does that mean the Cat Days are here?

    Charlie – Only good tasting Tuna gets to be Starfish…

  2. I lived in Cochabamba years ago and loved the view I had there from my bedroom window, especially because it’s in a valley as well. You can’t beat that.

    (By the way, I like that song, too).

    • Yes, Bolivia has some beautiful mountains! And that song, makes me feel great every time I listen to it (although keep singing dark days instead of dog days…it just makes more sense to me!)

  3. How was your neighbor able to help with the locked out situation? Does he have a crow bar or something particularly useful for breaking down doors?

    • Haha I wish my neighbor were a cerrajero or owned a crowbar. How useful would that be? But no, she simply lent me her computer so I could look up my friend’s phone number, then lent me her phone so I could call said friend. 🙂

  4. Phooey! You know I’m always up for an evening bikeride, and I have your key, I totally would have come over. On the other hand, how would you have gotten in touch with me to tell me you needed to get in? We should all email ourselves a list of important cellphone numbers (well, I should, anyway).

    Love your things to love. I should do one!

    • You’re on duty next time I lock myself out! Haha. And that’s a great idea. I’m going to email myself important numbers right now…

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