Round Two: Paro Nacional de Educación, June 16, 2011

Oh, how I wish I were writing my undergraduate honor’s thesis now instead of three years ago! Even though I was able to interview lots of people who participated in the Revolución Pingüina  of 2006, I had to do my interviews in January (because that’s when I had time and funding to come back to Chile) and everyone knows how hard it is to find high school students in the middle of summer!

Nevertheless, it’s so interesting to see social manifestations like this as they develop. I work right near the Alameda, the main street that goes through Santiago, and just a few blocks from Plaza Italia, where the majority of the protests start. So today (and during the last march) I had front row access to the march. It was really hard not to join in.

High school students against profiting from education

President Piñera, Quit! Do it for Chile

This is an interesting sign, because this was a famous newspaper headline during Salvador Allende’s regime, asking him to leave the presidency.

A puppet of Lavín, the Minister of Education

A girls' high school with a sign made from bras and a play on words "Education needs support (bras)"



PS. If you’d like to use these pictures, please feel free to do so, but with the proper credit with a link back to this post. Thanks! / Si te gustaría usar estas fotos, puedes hacerlo siempre y cuando que me des el crédito correspondiente con un link a este post. Gracias!



7 thoughts on “Round Two: Paro Nacional de Educación, June 16, 2011

  1. Me sorprendió un poco que conocieras ese titular sobre Allende; es una imagen recurrente de la época, y al parecer lo será también para este actual gobierno, así como vamos.

  2. Hola Marmo! Lo conozco porque con mis alumnos hacemos un “Tour de Derechos Humanos” y vamos al Cementerio General y Villa Grimaldi, pero antes, miramos un video de la Fundacion Pinochet para presentar los dos puntos de vista, y en la pelicula muestran ese titular como 20 veces (para justificar el golpe).

  3. Ohh que buena, esa faceta tuya no la conocía; me parece muy bien que muestren ambos lados de la moneda, aunque tal vez a estas alturas, ya sepas a cual lado le creo más xD.
    Te felicito por las fotos, están muy buenas.

  4. Abby, I love that you’re keeping us up to date with this. These kind of issues – whether in Chile, Mexico or anywhere in the world are things I feel so passionate about. That must be so incredible to be right there to witness it.

  5. I am from vancouver,canada and i wanted to say that i supports the student strikes in Chile and also the student strikes in Puerto Rico.Education should be free,It is a right for all people and not a privlege.All progressive people and the unions should support the students in Chile and Puerto Rico.Victory to the students.

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