Valparaíso de mi amor

I know I could never live in Valparaíso. First of all, the only thing preventing me from getting terribly lost in Santiago is that most streets are on a grid system. In Valpo, there are the cerros and windy streets and staircases and elevators and it’s just plain confusing. Second of all, I hate walking up hill. Yes, I am LAZY. Make me walk on flat ground and I can go forever. Put in a hill and I’ll be winded after two minutes.

That being said, I never get tired of taking pictures in Valpo. It definitely has way more character than Santiago. Here are some I snapped on my last visit.

This guy and his friend were painting a beautiful mural depicting Chile's indigenous people from North to South

The Northern part of the new mural

Colorful steps


Drink and a smoke

Sea lion!



10 thoughts on “Valparaíso de mi amor

  1. I recognize that shadow! It’s neat that you got to see them actually painting the mural… I always wonder what it would be like to have that much artistic talent. AND I have heard the sea lions at night(lobos del mar? or is that something else?) but never seen them.

    • I know, I could have stayed and watched them paint that mural all day. Unfortunately, we were on a schedule. I love sea lions. They are so goofy and I never get tired of watching them!

  2. There are sea lions in Valpo?? How did I NEVER know that?! (You can tell I rarely left Santiago during my 2 years in Chile.)

    • Jaja yes, Karen there are sea lions in the Valpo port. They are so used to tourists that when our guide clapped his hands the sea lion posed like in the picture! It was pretty funny. They had a name for him and everything, but I can’t remember it.

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