They say it’s your Birthday

When I heard that Paul McCartney was going to be in Chile on May 11th (today!) it made me think of my Mom right away, for two reasons. One, The Beatles are her all-time favorite band and two, it’s her birthday!

When I was little, one of my most vivid memories is listening to a Beatle’s Love Songs Cassette in the car wherever we went. It had gems such as “Michelle”, “Chains”, “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”, and “Girl.” I distinctly remember my mom telling a story about how when she used to babysit her cousins, she would sing “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” to them when they needed to cross the street or wanted to climb along this low wall that goes along their street in Braintree, Massachusetts. I remember hearing this story so many times and loving it so much that I can imagine it so vividly as if I had been there myself.

So in honor of my Mommy’s birthday, here is Sir Paul McCartney.

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you so much.


One thought on “They say it’s your Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday to your mum, Abby. 🙂

    What a lovely memory. The only music memories I have of my parents from childhood are listening to Queen and Christmas songs. Heh.

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