Pictures of Animals from Here and There

I grew up on a dairy farm and come from a family of animal loving people. I think that explains why I’m the one that is always taking pictures of the cute animals wherever I go, sometimes instead of the gorgeous views or people I’m with. Here is a collection of some (yes, I didn’t think you were patient enough to look through all of them) of the animals I’ve snapped over the past few years.

A baby llama at Machu Picchu, 2007.

This dog wanted to come with us on a boat tour of Chiloe, 2007.

Also on Chiloe, this dog followed us around all day, even crossing on a boat with us to a different island. We named him Flecha.

Donkeys in the Atacama Desert, Northern Chile, 2007.

Some sheep at Concho y Toro Vineyard in Paine, Chile, 2007.

More sheep, this time on the way to Siete Tazas National Park near Curicó, Chile, 2009.

A kitty friend with some wicker in Chimbarongo, Chile, 2009.

Some dogs that joined me for a jog in Lanco, Chile, 2010.

Some work horses pulling a Kunstmann Beer Cart in Valdivia, Chile, 2010

This dog had it tough in Punta Arenas, Chile, 2010

A good guard dog in Pumamarca, Argentina.

These two dogs, in Lota (left) and Valparaíso (right) could be brothers.

A little kitty relaxing at a house in Doñihue, Chile, 2011


4 thoughts on “Pictures of Animals from Here and There

  1. I am also a huge animal lover so I absolutely loved this post, Abby. 😀

    It’s a strange and unusual thing but I have such a soft spot for cows – I love them, think their faces are so uber adorable – so I loved your first pic.

    I was always more of a dog lover than a cat lover growing up (We had 3 dogs) but as I got older, I started developing bad allergies to dog dander and their fur (which breaks my heart because now I can’t go near dogs without my Asthma playing up). As a result, I can’t resist cats now. Love your furry friends there. 🙂

    • Glad you liked it! I love cows too…although when I was working on the farm maybe not so much. But now that I don’t have to shovel their manure every day, I think they are awesome.

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