On taking a mental health day

Maybe it’s because I’m 25 now, but I’ve really felt in need of a vacation recently. Technically I didn’t work for two weeks while I was home in the U.S., but for many reasons being home wasn’t a vacation. I enjoyed it immensely, don’t get me wrong, but I think I slept in one day, and because of the time difference (and my new Kindle) I found myself awake most mornings at 7:00am, if not earlier.

Then I didn’t have vacations in February either, when practically all of Chile packs up and heads for the playa or the campo or if they’ve got the cash, to Brasil or Cancún or Cartagena or somewhere else tropical.

And woe is me, my life is so hard, but my next trip will be to the U.S., home for my sister’s wedding, which will also not be a vacation, even though I’m so excited I’m crossing off the days on my calendar (not a joke). I think it will be one of the most joyous and emotional events I’ve ever witnessed, and if you’re thinking about getting me a late birthday present, may I suggest tissues, preferably sent to my parents’ house in the U.S. so they don’t take up room in my suitcase? Just thinking about my sister walking down the aisle with my dad makes me well up.

The good news is that it’s Semana Santa (Holy Week, aka Easter) soon and I’m hopefully (if we can find a place to stay) heading out of Santiago for a few days of relaxation with Heather. Should be fun. And relaxing. Emphasis on the relaxing part.

But I couldn’t wait until then. Neither could my body as it decided to rebel last night and not allow me to get more than 3 hours of sleep. Even though I felt better this morning, I decided to call in sick and promptly fell back asleep for 5 more hours.

And I feel so lucky, because there are people who a) don’t have understanding bosses who let them stay home sick without a licencia médica because sick days no questions asked do not exist in Chile and/or b) don’t listen to their bodies and go to work sick all in the name of getting ahead at work and winning the rat race, then end up in the hospital sick with pneumonia or something equally as serious.

So here is to taking it easy, relaxing, taking a break and winding down. Anyway you put it, it’s necessary every once in a while.



6 thoughts on “On taking a mental health day

  1. Being a univ. employee is the best job in the world. I feel thankful for the same thing, like today I have to go to the dentist at 5pm…..wooof!

    My mom is a professor and jefe de carrera and she has the sweetest schedule – sometimes I think that I will never work in a “real” company because higher education is where it´s at!

  2. Oh, you are so lucky Abby. My bosses are horrible when it comes to taking a sick day. Last Christmas I slipped on the ice outside work and tore the ligaments in my foot. I stayed in work for half the day trying to bear through the pain but my foot was swelling up and I was in tears so the bosses were kind enough to call a taxi to take me to the hospital.

    The next day I was phoned and the managers all hurled abuse down the phone to me because I was taking time off! (The doctors told me I had to prop my foot up for a couple of weeks)

    In the end, after a few days I tried to head into work but it only damaged my foot more. They didn’t care at work.

    It’s just wrong. :S

    Anyway, sorry to put a damper on your day. Haha. I hope you had a lovely day and enjoyed time to recuperate. 🙂

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