April Fool’s Day

When I was little, April Fool’s Day was one of my favorite days of the year. I think it’s because I’m naturally a very gullible person, and it was the one day of the year when everyone else fell for outrageous jokes as well. It’s also my grandma’s birthday and since my birthday is 4 days later (April 5th…I like red wine and flowers) and we are exactly 50 years apart, we’ve always had a special bond over our birthdays. Also, my grandma loves to play tricks. I remember one year she came to pick me up to go work at the calf barn and had a paper bag. She said she had bought me an early birthday present. I was so excited and opened it up only to find that it was empty! I don’t know why, but whenever I remember that it still makes me laugh. I also remember one year she bought a fake gum dispenser for my grandpa (who LOVES gum) that when you offered someone a piece of gum it snapped your finger. She also had a glass with a tiny hole in it so when you were drinking water you kept thinking you were dribbling on yourself. Hilarious.

I also liked playing tricks on people. One time I called my own house and left a message for my parents saying that I was calling from the IRS and they were going to be audited. I thought it was hilarious but I guess they could tell it was me right away. I also used to switch the salt and sugar all the time (classic April Fool’s Day joke).

Then senior year of high school came around, and every high school senior applying to colleges knows that college acceptance or rejection letters come around April 1st. I only applied to four schools my senior year because I KNEW that I wanted to go to Wesleyan University in Connecticut. One of my friends who was a year older than me went there and I had gone to visit her and LOVED it. I was quite the dedicated and involved student in high school. I was set to graduate 5th in my class, had great SAT scores, played field hockey, volunteered, had great recommendations and pretty much thought I was a shoe-in. Everyone, including my parents, friends, guidance councilors and teachers told me I would get in no problem.

Well, you know where this is going. By April 1st I had already been accepted to Colby and Wheaton College and put on the wait list at Bowdoin. I pulled up to my mailbox after school in my 97 Ford Escort Wagon with our exchange student Marilyn in the passenger seat. I immediately saw an envelope from Wesleyan and it wasn’t  not big enough. I ripped it open…blah blah blah waiting list.

I. Was. Devastated. I don’t think I could even explain to Marilyn what was wrong, I just handed her the letter to read. When I got into the house I just went to my room and bawled my eyes out. I was still crying when my Dad got home. Marilyn told him what had happened and he thought it was an April Fool’s joke! But then he came into my room and saw me and realized it was true.

Long story short, I didn’t get off the waiting list and I went to Colby, which was an amazing experience. Everything happens for a reason. But needless to say, April Fool’s Day was ruined for me for a few years. It’s just recently that I’m getting  back my desire to celebrate April Fool’s Day.

But now I’m in Chile where they don’t celebrate April Fool’s. Bo-ring. December 28th is “Día de los Inocentes” (Day of the Innocent) but I’ve never been in Chile on December 28th before (always at home for Christmas).

So my plans for celebrating are kind of foiled. I guess I could always tweet or post something on Facebook or even here on the blog, but that’s not as fun. I want a dripping class or an empty paper bag or a fake gum dispenser. For me, that is what April Fool’s is.

On a related note, Happy Birthday Gram!

Gram and I, New Year's 2010




4 thoughts on “April Fool’s Day

  1. Ojalá un día puedas estar para el día de los inocentes en Chile. Por ahora, feliz cumpleaños, Abby! o Abislain, o Abislein, aún no estoy seguro =)

  2. Your April Fools sound like so much fun. Wish I’d had fun like that as a child. This year I sent my boyfriend a text saying I was pregnant. Then when midday was up I sent him the “Just kidding. 😉 April Fools!” He was not amused. Hahaha.

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