Of all the things I’ve lost…

I miss my mind the most.

This was a tee-shirt I thought was hilarious when I was little, and almost bought because I am the queen of losing things. I’ve actually gotten better about this in recent years. However, in the past few days, this has been the song playing on my life’s soundtrack.

As a result of a gringa get together on Saturday, I decided that Sunday I was going to try out a new recipe. I started searching through some food blogs and found one that sounded simple and good. It involved chicken and some other ingredients I would need to pick up at the grocery store. So I went to the grocery story and bought all the ingredients. I got home and was all ready to make my chicken. Except I had forgotten to buy the chicken.

On Friday I was getting ready to leave for the U2 concert and I couldn’t find my office keys. I always leave my office keys hanging from the lock in my desk drawer (so as not to lose them) but it wasn’t there. I checked my purse, checked the mess of compute cables under my desk, took apart my whole desk drawer and file cabinet, checked the bathroom (just in case I had brought them in there for some reason), etc. I checked my purse repeatedly because I really thought they must be in there. And they were, as I discovered when I finally dumped everything out onto my desk.

I never leave unnecessary lights on in my apartment because I hate paying high electricity bills. Whenever I go to leave I always check to make sure I’ve shut all the lights off. Except one day last week and today, when I left the living room and bedroom lights on, respectively.

And tonight I went into the bathroom because Charlie was thirsty and he’s spoiled and will only drink out of the bathroom sink, and what did I discover?

After breakfast this morning (scrambled eggs… no, I don’t put ketchup on my cereal) apparently I thought the ketchup belonged with my face cream and perfume. Good thing I noticed before tomorrow morning when I could possibly confuse it with my face wash…or hair product!


11 thoughts on “Of all the things I’ve lost…

  1. Hahaha! I do things like this ALL the time too! And then my mom gives me grief about being “too young to forget things.” Most recently I tried to put laundry detergent in the refrigerator…. oops. I also clip my keys onto my belt loop when I’m wearing jeans…. but then dig in my purse looking for my keys – while my keys are jingling at my side. I also “lose” my cell phone a lot. But when I have someone call it for me, the phone is in my pocket (the only place I didn’t think of while searching through all billions of compartments of my purse).

    But who knows, maybe you are onto something with using ketchup as a beauty product!

  2. oh dear, you and me both. I tried to put some food in the dryer once in my depto in DC. To be fair, the dryer was in the kitchen and up above, like the freezer I as aiming for.

    And I’m curious to know what about the waffles made you want to make chicken? Also, Heather nominated your place for the next waffleathon, but Iw as thinking we shoudl make biscuits and gravy, and the meat eaters can have meat, too (so not at my house).

    Good catch on the ketchup!

    • Haha good catch on the ketchup 😉 I’m not sure it was the waffles…maybe Isabel’s talk of all the cooking sites she looks at. 🙂 I would be happy to offer my place, although my kitchen is teeny-tiny!

  3. Or maybe you plan to run into a skunk today, in which case a catsup bath would neutralize the aroma. (My dog knows all about this.:)

    • Good thing for me, skunks don’t exist in Chile! At least I don’t think so. Because I definitely got sprayed once when I was in elementary school…not a pleasant experience!

  4. Hahahaha, don’t you love days like these? My worst habit it searching high and low for my phone before realising it’s already in my hand. Or searching for my glasses before realising I’m wearing them. 😛

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