I miss these girls…


Lovely R., who lives in New Mexico and is a kick-ass geologist.
D. and E.L., both in grad school for sciency things (astrophysics and oceanography, I think). And E.L. is getting married in May!
E.R., my pretty friend who teaches English in the Mother Land and will hold your hand all through stressful episodes of Gray’s Anatomy.
Me, K and S, roomies senior year!
Me and A.T., roomies freshmen and sophomore year. So close they called us “Abya” 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made lots of great friends in Chile who I wouldn’t give up for the world, but sometimes, man, I miss these girls. Ever since freshmen year (well, almost, S. joined later) we were a tight group that stuck together. To my Drummond girls, plus additions, I miss you!


5 thoughts on “I miss these girls…

  1. >Bah! I feel like this everyday!!! I miss my friends from schoool so much sometimes I cry! Probably also because I havent been here as long as you and although Ive made some awesome friends, they arent as close because I have never LIVED with them.Dont you think that college friends become more like family? We all lived together and really helped each other so much at getting the hang of life – it's a pretty unique relationship. You're lucky to have people you love/that love you all around the world!

  2. >Emily! Rachel! Wahhh I want to have a reunion and eat Brie and drink wine and play that silly game where we draw pictures and write captions and have a sleep over. The end.Alessandra: Yeah, the bond you form with college friends is really strong, probably because of the whole living together thing. I am lucky to have my friends even though we are spread out across the globe. 🙂

  3. This post is so cute! I can’t believe I missed it earlier! I miss you, too, Abby! This is way too many exclamation points!

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