In case you forgot I had a cat…

Charlie has superior taste for most things. I recently switched him from kitten food to adult food. So the change wouldn’t be so brusque, I at first mixed the two together. He refused to eat the kitten food and only picked out the bigger adult food chunks, as if to say, that other stuff? It’s for babies.

His superior taste also applies to cat treats…

P.S. This is my very first attempt at editing any type of video. I just used Windows Movie Maker, so I apologize for its rudimentary nature. However, I had a pretty good time doing it!


5 thoughts on “In case you forgot I had a cat…

  1. >Adorable! Scandal does the same thing. He only likes tuna from the packet, not the can. Also, if it has to be the spring water kind not the kind in oil. Scandal also mews for the Temptation treats. He vastly prefers them. I think they must use real fish, right? Post more videos of him doing something adroable and I'll use them as part of my campaign. hehehe…

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