Goodbye, Facebook

Last week I made an announcement that I would be deleting my Facebook page for awhile to have less distractions while I try to focus on studying for the GRE.

I’ve had Facebook for a LONG time, ever since around October 2004, when Facebook expanded out of the Ivy Leagues and into other small, liberal arts colleges in New England. I remember when the “wall” was this rinky-dinky thing that you could erase every once and awhile. And erase it I did, at the end of freshmen year. I also remember how it was like a popularity contest at first. How many friends do you have? And then the pictures were added. How many pictures are you tagged in? Quite unpleasant, actually, and I blame it on this the reason I was up to almost 500 friends (do I even know that many people?) and recently had to cull a bunch of them (down to just under 300 now).

So anyway, on Friday I “deactivated” my page and Facebook made me feel all guilty about it, showing me pictures of my friends and saying that they would miss me. (One of the pictures was of my brother, who I know misses me already since we live in different hemispheres). Then they asked why I was leaving and for every option you chose, they offer an alternative to leaving. Too distracting? How about you turn off your email alerts? Already done that, Facebook. It’s typing you into my browser bar and going to your site that distracts me, thank you very much.

And it has worked! Since Friday I have learned 70 new vocabulary words and the rules of distribution and how to multiply a binomial (FOIL, remember that from 8th grade?). I do forget sometimes, though, and start typing “fa…” into my browser bar.

If you were my friend on Facebook and miss me terribly, you can follow me on Twitter, which is @abbicita. For some reason twitter is way less distracting to me than Facebook, and I rationalize it by telling myself I’m keeping up-to-date with the goings-on in the world that way.

And I’ll probably be back to Facebook in a month or so. I do like to keep in touch with my family and friends at home. Maybe this month of abstinence (hello, GRE word) will help me be more abstemious (hello, GRE word) with my use in the future.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Facebook

  1. >I saw your facebook post that you were quitting fb for a while, but I thought it just meant you weren't going to get on. I happened to notice that I had lost a friend (you know since my numbers are still manageable) but I didn't realize it was you! I'll have you know I lost a fb friends assessment with the hubs, he asked how many friends I had now and I said "120, why? how many do you have?" and he said "121".;-)

  2. >Sorry Annje! Ask your hubby how many blogging friends he has, I bet you've got him beat there ;)I wish I could just NOT go on facebook, but I lack the will-power for that.

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