How the Tudors Help me Study

I’m slightly obsessed with The Tudors, a Showtime series about King Henry VIII. My parents watch it, and so I watched the third and fourth seasons with them while I was home. Now I’m almost done with the first season.

I’m also studying for the GRE, and to help me remember vocabulary words, here are some example sentences I’ve come up with.

1. Catherine of Aragon refused to abjure the throne so that King Henry VIII could marry Anne Boelyn.

2. In 16th century England, Catholics considered Lutheranism an aberration.

3. Catherine Howard was unsuccessful in her request for an abeyance of her trial for treason and was soon beheaded.

4. Cardinal Wolsey adulterated his position as cardinal in the Catholic church by having a mistress and two children.

5. Charles, Duke of Suffolk, always tried to serve his master King Henry with alacrity.

6. 16th century doctors believed that bleeding patients allayed the affects of The Sweats.

Can you tell I’m only on the words that start with a?

How many words do you know?


2 thoughts on “How the Tudors Help me Study

  1. >I saw your tweet yesterday about this and I tried to reply TWICE but it didn't work because I kept garbling the spelling of everything. I love the Tudors. I've never seen the show, but I had a tiny obsession when I was in high school. I loved reading about how all his wives met their various demises.

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