February Blues

February is the month of vacations here in Chile. By law, employees who have worked with a company for a year or more get 3 weeks of vacation (minimum). It’s a pretty sweet system, I think. Most people take vacation either in January or February, but I’d say most take in February.

Last year during February, my friend Marcy visited me with her mom and we went to Valparaíso for the day. Then I went to Valdivia to visit N. and went to Pucon for a day to visit my host sisters. Then, I went to Torres del Paine for a six day hike. And to top off an already busy month, there was the earthquake.

In 2009, I worked for the first two weeks of the month and then went to La Serena with F for 10 days.

In 2008, I started my last year of college in February (which included hardcore work on my Honors thesis). However, in January, I spent the entire month here in Santiago conducting research for my thesis (well, among other things like swimming in F.’s pool and going to my host sister’s wedding and going horseback riding in Olmué).

My horse looked nice, but was slightly deranged and thought he was a racehorse…
In 2007, I traveled to Peru and Bolivia with eight other girls from my study abroad program for the first two weeks. Then I went to Pucon for my host sister’s civil wedding, and then continued south and met my friends Chiloé.

Why is it that I always have fashion emergencies while traveling? But hey, look! I’m at Machu Picchu! 


Really happy to be on a boat tour near Castro, Chiloe 


So you can probably understand why I’m a bit bummed not to be heading out on some sort of adventure this year. Granted, I consider myself very lucky that I was able to go home for Christmas for two weeks, and that I’ll be heading home in August for my sister’s wedding. However, as my friends and boss prepare to go to places like Puerto Vallarta and Pucon and Isla de Pascua and Patagonia, I can’t help but not look forward to the next two weeks when I’ll be working and studying for the GREs.

At least this guy is coming back to keep Charlie and I company.

And another bonus: my office is air-conditioned!

5 thoughts on “February Blues

  1. >I started working November so I don't get a vacation… even worse my schedule gets all effed up because I have to cover for people that are taking vacations.. so I work at different times every day!! On top of that I get to listen to all the fun things that everyone is or has done for their vacations… sucky. 😦 At least you will be in the states during summertime up there and your workmates can be jealous of you getting some warm weather while they are freezing here in Stgo!!

  2. >daytrip! Let's figure this out, though I'm moving, so slightly more crazed than usual. Oh come on, you know you want to hang out and watch me freak out! I can drill you on vocab, not that I think that's a problem for you.

  3. >Andrea and Shannon: I'm glad you can commiserate with me! And yes, Shannon, I won't be complaining at all when I leave Chile at the end of July!Eileen: Moving? Yay! Do you want help? And yes, day trip. I will email you now. Vocab isn't nearly as hard as basic arithmetic 😉 Maybe you should shout things like "16 times 5!" and "48 times negative 4!" Hahaha.

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