Happy Birthday Bud!

Today is my baby brother’s birthday!! That’s right, baby brother who is younger than me. Everyone always thinks I’m the youngest of my siblings even though it’s the exact opposite, but I’m not complaining. That means I got the good genes, right? šŸ˜‰

But that’s not the subject of today’s post. Today the subject is my bro, CP Dudley, Carltoon, Philly-willy, Felipe.

My brother is…hilarious, kind, generous, a great athlete, a role-model, dedicated, helpful and he gives the BEST hugs in the world. Let’s go back to the word hilarious. He makes me laugh more than any person in the world. He has such a great sense of humor and a great memory for remembering jokes and funny lines from movies. He can recite entire scenes from movies after seeing them once.


When he was little, he was ridiculously cute and had a great personality. He wanted to beĀ Batman and for a time would only wear his Batman pajamas and cape. Later on, he wanted to be the Blue Power Ranger, Billy, and would sign his name as Billy. He also really liked to draw bucket tractors and named his stuff dog Ginger Ale (after his favorite drink).

And, he has grown up into a great guy who I am so proud of. He plays football for his college’s team, and he’s good. He was madeĀ captain as a junior and after the 2010 season was First Team for his division. He started playing as a 5th grader and has stuck with it, despite obstacles along the way, like missing an entire season, concussions, asthma and various injuries. It worries my mother to no end, but I can’t imagine him without having football in his life. He wants to be a coach, and I know he’ll be great. He’s wonderful with kids and commands respect.

My birthday present to him last year



His Christmas present to me this year (“Some bunny in Vermont Loves Me”)

Happy Birthday, Bud! I love you.



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