For Nala

I was going to post something upbeat this week. About how I’m excited for some new things coming up. About my hopes for 2011.

But then something the exact opposite happened.

I shouldn’t be over dramatic but the course of this week’s events really did affect me. But not nearly so much as it has affected my dear friend R.

I debated whether to blog about this because it’s so tragic and sad, but I’m considering it as a public service announcement for all people who have cats and live in apartment buildings.

When I first got Charlie I was scared to let him out on the balcony. So many people told me, “Oh don’t worry, cats are agile, they won’t fall.” One or two people were concerned. Luckily, I didn’t go with the crowds and put up mesh all along the balcony and various other impediments so that Charlie will be safe. But once spring came, I moved his litter box out there and kept the sliding doors open all the time so he could go out and get fresh air.

However, sometime Wednesday night R.’s cat, Nala, fell off the the balcony of her 12th floor apartment and died instantly.

Nala was a special cat. R. rescued her off the streets near Persa Bio Bio about a year ago. She was so skinny and sick when R. found her. After many vet visits, it was determined that Nala had feline leukemia. R. cared for her and nursed her back to health. She grew into a playful, feisty, healthy cat.

Actually, the reason I got Charlie is indirectly because of Nala. Shortly after Nala was found and rescued, R. thought she might be pregnant. I told her that if Nala ended up having kittens, I would take one. Then, we found out Nala was just getting fat because she was finally getting enough food!

A couple of weeks later, R. called me and said she had found kittens on the street. She convinced me to take one because I had offered to take one of Nala’s potential kitties. The rest is history.

So, rest in peace dear Nalita.

And please, readers, send out some positive vibes to R. On top of the death of Nala, she has a lot of other stressful, non-ideal situations to deal with, and she could use some good energy sent her way.

Next week I will be back with a happier topic. Because it always gets better. Always.

PS. In case you’re wondering, Charlie’s box is back inside and he only has supervised visits to the balcony now.


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