A Small Visitor

Yesterday my boss got to work and went to the kitchen to get water for coffee. She told me she heard a cat crying. I went to investigate, because I love cats and my boss doesn’t. Indeed, I heard quite a loud mewing noise coming from the ceiling in the conference room. I told the guard and he called someone.

Then, I got distracted because my students left yesterday and there were a lot of tears and hugs and words of inspiration after a life-changing experience (mostly for them, but also for me).

In the middle of this, I heard a knock on the door followed by the familiar mewing and there was one of my colleagues holding the TINIEST kitten I’ve ever physically seen in my life. The maintenance people found her (I’m around 85% sure she’s female) in the ceiling tiles in the conference room, all alone.

I was then distracted again by the goodbyes, but also very much thinking about the little orphan found in the ceiling. So when my students left, I went and found the little one in my colleague’s office. She told me that she had sent out an email via Chilespouses (she’s also a gringa) and was waiting for a response. She was worried because her husband hates cats and they were going to be moving the next day. Right away I told her not to worry, that I’d take the little one home at least for the night until we found her a home.

Before the day was out she had luckily received a response, but the little orphan couldn’t go to her new family until today.

So that’s how I ended up with this tiny visitor last night. She was the perfect guest, very polite and didn’t make a peep the entire night. She learned how to use the “litter box” I set up for her on the first try and drank water and ate kitten food. In the end, she was a much happier kitty than when she was found.

Today I brought her back to the office where she happily napped in Charlie’s carrier (which was like a mansion for her) and occasionally wanted out to explore under my desk. Then, after work, my colleague took her to her new home where hopefully she is getting lots of love and attention. I think she’s going to be a great cat. She likes people, is very loving and playful and is a purring machine.

Charlie wasn’t very happy about her presence, but he tolerated her at a distance. He was curious/scared of her at first, and then just pissed because I wouldn’t let him in the bathroom (his favorite room). But now all is forgiven and he knows that he’ll always be my number one man.


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